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Industrie du bois
For over 30 years
, CBM has been specialized in the study, design and manufacture of boxes and wooden packaging for industry.

Industrie du bois
Our expertise is based on responsiveness, quality and reliability in manufacturing performance. This means for you integrity of your products, greater cost control and the recognition of your identity and quality.

Industrie du bois
We have strong and long term partnerships with aeronautic industry, food-processing industry, automotive industry, metalworking industry, boiler works, nuclear industry, plastic industry and glass work.

We obviously have a NIMP15/IPPC15 treated wood certification.

We are also member of the SEILA (The French federation of packaging manufacturers) and our professionalism is certified by an independent agency (SEI n°147).

That allows us to carry out projects for worldwide shipments. Furthermore, the wood we use for our packaging come from sustainably managed forests.

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